CP Industries Old Country Toilet Bowl Cleaner 900ml Bottle


Old Country Bowl Cleaner is a concentrated acid/detergent emulsion used for cleaning, descaling and deodorizing of sanitary washroom facilities. It is used to clean and maintain urinals, toilet bowls and waste pipes.  Bowl Cleaner may be used advantageously in septic tank systems.  Bowl Cleaner penetrates hard scale normally deposited on the surface of porcelain urinals and toilet bowls, dissolving it instantly and allows it to be flushed in a soluble state down the waste pipe.  The use of the emulsion form helps it to “stick” to the walls of the fixture long enough for the chemical reaction to take place.  Ordinary deliming solutions run straight off the smooth porcelain surface making several applications necessary to do a satisfactory job in spite of adequate adhesive properties.  Bowl Cleaner rapidly “wets” into deposited scale and operates with maximum activity between the lower surface of the scale and the porcelain walls of the fixture.  Solution run-off delivers residual action deep down in waste pipes and traps, ensuring trouble-free plumbing and freedom from odour.  Bowl Cleaner contains powerful disinfectant properties with extended residual action sufficient to destroy bacteria for many days after each treatment